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Quickie Wheelchair Batteries

It's time for a new generation! Quickie mobility wheelchair has been specifically made for those who need an efficient, affordable power wheelchair - but with a little bit extra. A perfect fit for your lifestyle and an expression of your personality. This includes such features as powered lift and tilt, and advanced seating options. Every QUICKIE wheelchair has its own distinctive personality – which one matches yours?

In choosing the appropriate replacement battery, always take into account the shape, size, and voltage capacity. All these are essential in providing the ability to keep your mobility device's on-the-go. carries wheelchair replacement batteries for all makes and models. But you may need to check the battery specifications (size, codes, terminal layout, etc) against the existing batteries before ordering as your equipment may have different batteries fitted to what we have listed. If you are not sure which battery replacement is for your wheelchair, please call us at 1-866-999-2355.

Powersonic PS-12330 12V, 33 Ah, Sealed Lead-Acid Battery SLA Battery AGM Battery.gif

PS-12350 NB 12V 35Ah SLA Battery

Price: $79.99 Check for volume pricing.
Union MX12340 12V 34Ah sealed lead-acid battery, SLA battery, AGM battery t.jpg

12V 34Ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery

Price: $95.95 Check for volume pricing.
Powersonic PS-12550 12V, 55 Ah, Sealed Lead-Acid Battery SLA Battery AGM Battery__2.jpg

PS-12550 NB 12V 55Ah SLA Battery

Price: $180.00 Check for volume pricing.