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Lithium Coin Cell 3V in Bulk Tray: 100 & 1,000 pcs/model

Lithium Coin Cell 3V in Bulk Tray:100 & 1000 pcs/model

Save a bundle when you buy bulk batteries at wholesale. We are a wholesale battery supplier specializing in top quality and brand name batteries e.g. Sony, Energizer and Panasonic in popular sizes at incredible bargain prices. We offer lithium batteries that are typically user-replaceable and can be found in wholesale quantities of fresh in-house stock. All of our batteries are stored properly in a temperature controlled facility. They are guaranteed fresh so that you will have maximum power.

Our site is geared for customers, manufacturers, distributors/OEM and wholesalers who are looking for OEM style, bulk tray 100 or 1,000 pieces/model - Lithium Coin Cell 3V. Contact us by telephone, chat or our online help center.

Lithium batteries may only be purchased for shipment within the U.S.A. and Canada. No overseas shipping is permitted by law for any retail orders. Check our Shipping Policy page for more info.