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Lithium Cylindrical

Lithium cylindrical batteries are known for their high voltage, energy density, durability, and stable operation. Designed with good cycling ability, offers a long calendar life and is economical, but is heavy and has low packaging density due to space cavities. These batteries are used to power devices such as alarm system motion detectors, flashlights, cameras, monitors, computer memory, toys, games, LED lights, and much more.

At, we provide a wide selection of Lithium Cylindrical Batteries at discount price. The selection of a battery technology depends on the application requirements regarding performance, life, safety and cost, with each battery type providing specific functionalities. You will be fascinated by our excellent lithium cylindrical batteries with exquisite crafts and fast delivery. If you are a manufacturer or assembler requiring large volumes or just-in-time deliveries, please contact our sales department at 1-866-999-2355.

Lithium batteries may only be purchased for shipment within the U.S.A. and Canada. No overseas shipping is permitted by law for any retail orders. Check our Shipping Policy page for more info.