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Multi Brand Trial Packs

Hearing Aid Multi Brand Trial Packs

Not sure which brand battery works best in your hearing device? Try our trial packs which feature one card of batteries from each of eight leading manufacturers for as low as $0.54 a battery.

The best way to discover which battery brand is best suited for you and your specific hearing aid unit is to try all the brands. Battery technology is a science involving a combination of many design characteristics such as voltage stability, load discharge rates, pulse discharge, continuous discharge, self-discharge rates (while the battery is on the shelf), capacities, size geometries, and materials. With hundreds of hearing aid devices available, each having different energy demands, some batteries even fit into the battery compartment better than others. The differing user characteristics of each individual are also worth considering. Among these factors include usage time, sound volume and type, and humidity conditions.

Our unique trial packs are the ultimate hearing aid battery comparison, giving you the opportunity to evaluate hearing aid batteries from eight leading zinc air manufacturers. This offer is only available from Certainly, others will try to copy us, but no one beats our selection, service, freshness and prices. Order a trial pack today. We are confident you will find the brand that best suits your hearing aid and usage.

Order a carton of batteries and receive a free keychain battery holder and a sample packet of Miracell ProEar ointment.

th-trail_pack_10_MB.jpg Trial Pack 10, Eight brands, 48 cells Price: $25.95 Check for volume pricing.
th-trial_pack_13_MB.jpg Trial Pack 13, Eight brands, 48 cells Price: $25.95 Check for volume pricing.
th_trial_pack_312_MB.jpg Trial Pack 312, Eight brands, 46 cells Price: $25.95 Check for volume pricing.
th-trial_pack_675_MB.jpg Trial Pack 675, Eight brands, 44 cells Price: $22.95 Check for volume pricing.
th_trial_pack_675P_MB.jpg Trial Pack 675HP Cochlear, Four models, 24 cells Price: $21.95 Check for volume pricing.