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Braun Mobility Batteries

The Braun Corporation has been pioneering commercial wheelchair lifts and commercial wheelchair vehicles since 1963. Ever since, battery failure is the most common problem for electric wheelchairs to start acting erratically. And so, taking proper care of batteries is very important. With lots of different brands of mobility scooters on the market we stocked replacement mobility scooter batteries to fit most brands. We keep our electric mobility batteries fully charged and ready to go.

There are still many Braun mobility scooters in existence and we have the replacement batteries! Whatever your need, we have the replacement batteries that will meet your expectations. Get a long-lasting power wheelchair battery replacements at We offer you top quality, deep-cycle batteries to fit every make and model. Simply get in touch and our expert team will help you decide on the right battery to fit your vehicle.

Powersonic PS-12330 12V, 33 Ah, Sealed Lead-Acid Battery SLA Battery AGM Battery.gif

PS-12350 NB 12V 35Ah SLA Battery

Price: $79.99 Check for volume pricing.
Union MX12340 12V 34Ah sealed lead-acid battery, SLA battery, AGM battery t.jpg

12V 34Ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery

Price: $95.95 Check for volume pricing.