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Audiovox Phone Batteries

Successful communications on a cell phone begin with your battery. Your cell phone is part of your everyday life. Get the longest possible use from your cordless phone, always have some battery spares handy just in-case to keep your phone working throughout the day. has the widest selection of cell phone and PDA batteries, from hard-to-find replacements for older Audiovox phones, to the newer models. We are committed to quality at the most amazing prices and we stand behind our products. Our goal is to provide high quality aftermarket replacement batteries at a very reasonable price. Each replacement battery is guaranteed with 100% quality and free of defects.

Our rechargeable cordless phone batteries include a minimum one year manufacturer's warranty.

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AT&T 600, Cobra 2-9000 series, Vtech Replacement Battery

Price: $9.95 Check for volume pricing.
Lenmar CB0314 Generic Replacement Cordless Phone Battery

AT&T 7710, AUDIOVOX AT-14, COBRA CP-86S Replacement Battery

Price: $9.99 Check for volume pricing.
Lenmar CB0315 Generic Replacement Cordless Phone Batt

AT&T 250, AUDIOVOX AT-11, COBRA CP-110S Replacement Battery

Price: $9.99 Check for volume pricing.