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Midland Rechargeable Batteries

The Midland two-way radio is packed with many of the features that we look for, including keypad tones and locks, and channel scanning. This set is perfect for tourist camp organizers, during events like treasure hunt, trekking etc. It can charge very fast, its battery life extender option really increases the battery life when this device is in standby mode. Extremely durable and a log sturdy life is what this talkie has to offer. is pleased to offer you replacement batteries for Midland two-way radios. These replacement batteries are made in NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery chemistry. The battery’s “memory” will not lessen or shorten if it’s recharged before being fully discharged. Also, this battery is equal or better than the Original Manufacturers Product (OEM). Try One, You will never go back to over priced O.E.M packs. Our extensive in-house inventory of batteries permits us to accept volume orders today, and ship within 48 hours from receipt of order. We also welcome Purchase Orders from Institutions.


MIDLAND 70-112B, 70-B12B

Price: $37.95 Check for volume pricing.

MIDLAND 70-440BP, SP 400, BP-0513

Price: $37.95 Check for volume pricing.

MIDLAND , 70-B48

Price: $47.95 Check for volume pricing.

MIDLAND 70-155/70-255, 70-B19

Price: $37.95 Check for volume pricing.

MIDLAND 70-154 , 9.6v@ 1500mAh

Price: $74.95 Check for volume pricing.

MIDLAND 70-154, 13.2v@ 1500mAh

Price: $74.95 Check for volume pricing.